At Ironwood Ranch, we offer a variety of rides to suit all riders, from beginners to experienced, with a wide range of scenery and terrain. You will ride over lush pineapple fields, through tropical valleys and ironwood forests, and enjoy panoramic views of Maui and the neighboring islands.

Eco-Historical Horseback Tours

Our experienced tour guides will bring your ride to life, as we travel through history-rich Hawaiian valleys and ancient home sites – you will enjoy learning about Napili’s ancient history as you ride your beautiful horse through the awesome countryside!

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At this time we are offering Single Private Horseback Rides and small group Horseback Rides 2-4 people max


  • Exclusive Private Rides (Min 2 People Max 4 People)
  • Kids need to be 9 years old or older
  • All riders must be 4 ft tall or taller
  • All riders must weigh under 185 lbs.

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(808) 669-4991


  • Please Allow 48 Hours for confirmation of reservation.
  • Reservations are not confirmed until notified according.
  • No Reservation will be accepted for less then 48 hours away.
  • Weather, Trail conditions, county health restrictions may also affect confirmed reservation.
  • Inaccurate disclosure or assessment of weights, ages and physical conditions may also affect a confirmed reservation potentially resulting in charges.

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